New Book:

Preventing and Healing Climate Trauma​

Coming in 2023

Preventing and Healing Climate Trauma, by author Bob Doppelt

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What people are saying:

“The health of our planet is inherently connected to our wellbeing as human beings. Preventing climate trauma and supporting holistic healing and resilience in the ways that our diverse communities interact with the stresses of climate change is quickly becoming one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Bob Doppelt’s new book offers an essential blueprint towards building a healthier future in the places where we live.”

— Dr. Antonis Kousoulis – Director for England and Wales, Mental Health Foundation, UK

“Bob Doppelt has surfaced a critical problem that is grossly under-addressed by climate solutions. He listened to the voice of the communities and the traditions of our ancestors that have taken us through the storms of the past and identified that it is only through strong community bonds and caring relationships and systems that we can weather present and future climate catastrophes.”

— Jacqui Patterson – Founder and Executive Director, The Chisholm Legacy Project

Bob Doppelt

Bob Doppelt founded and coordinates the International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC), a network of mental health, social service, disaster management, climate, and faith organizations and professionals. 

He is trained in both counseling psychology and environmental science and has combined the two fields throughout his career. He is also a Graduate of the International Program on the Management of Sustainability, in Ziest, The Netherlands, a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Instructor, and runs Transformational Resilience workshops for all types of organizations. 

For almost a decade Bob directed the Climate Leadership Initiative at the University of Oregon, a climate change research and technical assistance program that was one of the first in the U.S. to assist private and public entities to develop climate mitigation and adaptation plans. He also taught systems thinking at the university.  

Through this work Bob realized that the mental health and psycho-social-spiritual impacts of the climate crisis were a significant but largely unaddressed problem. This led him in 2013 to organize the ITRC. Due to his many years of work, in 2015 Bob was named one the world’s “50 Most Talented Social Innovators” by the World CRS Congress.

Bob is the author of a number of books on the interface between individual, group, community, and social change and ecological regeneration including:

Transformational Resilience by Bob Doppelt
From Me to We by Bob Doppelt
The Power of Sustainable Thinking by Bob Doppelt
Leading Change Toward Sustainability by Bob Doppelt
Entering the Watershed by Bob Doppelt