Preventing and Healing Climate Trauma, by author Bob Doppelt

Bob Doppelt’s newest book Preventing and Healing Climate Trauma: A Guide to Building Resilience and Hope in Communities will be released in early 2023 by Taylor and Francis/Routledge Publishing.

It describes the outcomes of an intensive two year research project that determined that a public health approach to mental health is necessary to prevent and heal the accelerating individual, community, and societal traumas generated by the global climate mega-emergency.

This involves returning the responsibility for sustaining mental wellness and resilience to where it existed for most of human history and has the greatest chances of success: to the neighborhood and community levels.

Transformational Resilience: How Building a Culture of Human Resilience Can Safeguard Society and Increase Wellbeing (Greenleaf Publishing 2016) describes how climate disasters and toxic stresses affect individual and collective health and wellbeing, and methods to build human resilience at the personal, organizational, and community levels to prevent widespread harm and increase wellbeing.

Transformational Resilience by Bob Doppelt

From Me to We: The Five Transformative Commitments Required to Rescue the Planet, Your Organization, and Your Life (Greenleaf Publishing, 2012) describes five key principles that organizations and individuals can adopt to direct them on a path toward true ecological and social sustainability and restoration.

From Me to We by Bob Doppelt

The Power of Sustainable Thinking: How to Create a Positive Future for the Climate, The Planet and Your Life (Earthscan Publishing, 2008) describes how individuals can examine and adjust their core assumptions and beliefs–their mental models– to think and act in ways that enhance personal, social, and ecological well-being. In the summer of 2010 this book was deemed by Audubon Magazine to be one of the “eleven most important books on climate change.”

The Power of Sustainable Thinking by Bob Doppelt

Leading Change Toward Sustainability: A Change Management Guide for Business, Government, and Civil Society (Greenleaf Publishing, 2003) describes a systems-based approach to organizational change that can move public and private organizations toward true ecological sustainability. Just six months after it was released the book was deemed one of the “ten most important publications in sustainability” by a GlobeScan survey of international sustainability experts.

Leading Change Toward Sustainability by Bob Doppelt

Entering the Watershed (Island Press, 1993) with Dr. James Karr, Dr. Chris Fissel, and Mary Scurlock, which was the outcome of a two-year project by the Pacific Rivers Council to develop new federal riverine protection and restoration policy alternatives. It recommends a comprehensive new approach to river protection based on principles of watershed dynamics, ecosystem function, and conservation biology that was used by the Clinton Administration and many federal agencies since that time to establish watershed and riverine management plans.

Entering the Watershed by Bob Doppelt